Chill TV: Important Things with Demetri Martin

If you don't find this show funny may I suggest "Two and a Half Men" or "Mind of Mencia."



upcoming: chilling spree's guide to chilling

since i first met him, micky has been continuously introducing me to things he thinks are cool. granted, most of them are. over time, i've achieved adequate coolness and now i am allowed to be seen with him in public! i have even introduced him to some things too (like BLTs)!

it seems micky has found his calling. it is his duty to inform and educate the people of earth just which things they should call "cool."

hence, the upcoming "chilling spree's guide to chilling."


Also upcoming: Chilling Spree's Guide to Procrastination.



a thrilling inductee to the chilling spree: christa!

my name is christa and i'm now contributing to this blog.

here are some facts about me so i can introduce myself:

-i'm sitting on a chair (as we speak)
-i have a job (where i also sit in chairs!)
-i like things
-i like to do things that i like
-i went to the same high school as mickles here

oh yeah, and i am a girl.