Mr.Chin takes Mike to N.Pole this is scary kids under 7 shouldn't read this Mr.Chin went to Mr.Breslin's house one day to invite him to a trip to the North Pole to see Santa and his little helpers. Mr.Breslin only wanted to see the Pokémon Zoo. When we got there. All 150 Pokémon jumped us from every direction. Mr.Breslin took out his knife to do hand to hand combat with the BIG Pokémon. Mr.Chin was running around in circles shooting like a mentally challenged person. Mr.Bresling was still stabbing the Big Pokémon with his Ć knife. After Mr.Chin finished his job he made a really funny face at the BIG Pokémon and he ran away. When it was time to go Mr.Chin though it was a good idea to let Mr.Breslin stay in the North Pole so Mr.Chin knocked him out and but him in the care of the BIG Pokémon. Later a big riot of elves came along to do battle with the Pokémon. The elves used magic to fight while all the little Pikachu were using there thunder-shock. Poor Mr.Bresling was roasted like a over cooked turkey inside out. Only if Mr.Bresling remembered his anti-fire proof Ć clothes. 10 minute after the battle a HUGE seal comes along and eats him because the seal thought he was rotten fish. The seal gulped him down his stomach. Mr.Breslin is now happy and he is swimmin around the seal's stomach for the last 20 years. He has been very happy since. So Mr.Breslin never came back. My Bresling didn't die but came close THE END