Trip to the Tropics Staring Mr.Chin, Mr.Wenerd, Mr.Breslin, & Mr.Mikey Early in the morning Mr.Chin,Mr.Wenerd,Mr.Mikey,& Mr.Breslin got up they need a vacation so they decided to go to the tropics. Mikey was practicing YOGA while Mr.Chin was in the bathroom. Then we have Mr.Wenerd beating the crap out of Breslin cause they were playing a gamed call "KILL THE QUIR". 30 minutes later they arrived at the tropics. Wenerd had just met his once in a life time dream that was to get Castro's "John Handcock". Breslin was throwing coconuts at a Digimon lying on the ground helpless. Mikey tried to save it but it was to late Bresling spared nothin of it he ate it afterwards. Chin was surfing for a while until Wenerd caught up. Wenerd was disqussing how to tourment Breslin. Mr.Chin came up with a idea to make him watch Barney 24 hours a day but Mr.Wenerd said that's is to harsh lets pick something less painful. Mr.Wenerd suggested 24 hours of Babybob. I agreed but Mr.Breslin wasn't satified he wanted to watch Teletubies. Mikey was trapped on a little island that the Digimon took him to. The Digimon started to do all these weird things to him 1st they took a pair of plyers and shoved it right up is his ("beeeeepppppp"). Mr.Chin saw Free Willy jumping around. All of a sudden the whale tried to jump over the rocks but gravity over came the gigantic animal. Mr.Wenerd said Prodigious was the right word to explain everything. If you like this read the other ones