Battle of Dr.Sarge This the funniest story you will read (maybe) Dr.Sarge is the big boy around his palace but he is not sane he is insane(hehehe). His servant Reebok was picked up from a near by trash can. Reebok is treated like a piece of crap. Mr.Chin and Mr.Breslin tried to take down Dr.Sarge's funny palace. Being the Genuis Mr.Chin is he climbed up the cliff while the stupid Mr.Breslin took the elevator up(what jabroni). When Mr.Breslin got up he went into Tim's live entertainment Palace. He wanted to ask Tim a couple of questions but he got distracted sometimes(about 25). Tim told him everthing he need when Mr.Breslin got out. When he got out Mr.Chin has just got to the top. Todd the waiter of Big Bubba's dinner took out a gun and took a shot at Mr.Breslin but he missed and the bullet killed big Bubba. Mr.Breslin took out his fish and smacked him in the ding-a-ling-ding a couple of times. Dr.Sarge does not have any real guns because it is against his religion so he has gigantic water guns. When Todd shot Mr.Bresln he he skimmed off some of his hair. Reebok who is not really educated is always being shot by a Sarge 2000 watergun.