The Web Comic

Web Comic 1

The first- um, issue, of The Web Comic. Not funny!

Web Comic 2

Second issue of The Web Comic. Descibes the comic very well.

Web Comic 2v2

Better version of issue 2, in my personal opinion. Not for the children.

Web Comic 3

Issue 3. Nice and violent.

Web Comic 3v2

Same as issue 3, but has an eight pixel difference.

Web Comic 4

Titled: 'dead space'

Web Comic 5

Big number 5 descibes the thoughts one may think if their mom sucks.

Web Comic 6

I started this a while ago when it looked like the webcomic might be dead, but it actually wasn't. And I just got done with it. So now its issue six.

Web Comic 7

Look, I reused the first issue.

Web Comic 7v2

I removed the last frame. Yay!

Web Comic 8

Um, I'm about out of ideas. It's almost the end of season one.

Web Comic 9

Ok, the WebComic is dead. The End.

WC Extras

Unfinished Web Comic

I just found this unfinished issue. Finish it yourself and send it in!

Web Comic 1 Deleted

Anybody remember when I accidentally deleted Issue One? I do. Here is the image I put in its place.

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